Himalayan Salt Features, Benefits & Placement


1. Our natural shape salt lamps/candle holders are sold by weight, not by size. Natural shape lamps/candle holders are         sometimes tall, sometimes shorter and unique in shape, yet still in the same weight class.

2. Premium quality unique salt lamps/candle holders from the finest salt crystals from foothills of the Himalayas.

3. There is no salt in the world that compares Himalayan salt in purity and color.

4. Hand carved to retain unique natural look & beauty of salt crystals, so no two crystals are alike.

5. Heating the salt with a bulb or a candle creates an effect similar to an ionizer. This ionizing effect has many healthful benefits.

6. Heat of light/flame is dissipated within the salt, making the outside cool to the touch.


Some of the more dramatic claims include migraine headache relief, enhanced serotonin levels in the blood, reduced severity of asthma attacks, immune system enhancement, and reduced vulnerability to colds and flu’s. There is hard science to suggest that they’re true.
However, in a effort to avoid hyperbole and scientific debate, here is what we can tell you for sure:

1. They will release negative ions into the air.

2. They will purify the air.

3. It’s relaxing appearance will help you rest and reduce stress.

4. It will help relieve asthma, sinus and allergy symptoms.


Some ideal applications include:

1. Office/Cubicle

2. Allergy/Sinus condition sufferers

3. Children’s Night Lamp

4. Convalescents

5. Romance/mood lighting

6. Hospital rooms

7. Hotel rooms

8. Environments with pets, high pollen counts, smoking, or other atmospheric inhibitors

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